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Mont Marin & San Rafael Park

Why I created a Mont Marin – San Rafael Park specific website:

I’ve been selling Real Estate in Marin County for the last 18 years and my Mont Marin / San Rafael Park neighbors often ask me “How’s the market?” I thought neighbors in San Rafael Park and Mont Marin might appreciate a website on which they can easily see what’s selling right near their own home. Terra Linda and Marinwood sales data are interesting, but there’s no better “comp” for a Mont Marin or San Rafael Park home than one right down the street in the same neighborhood. That’s the idea for this website: Real-time market information for Mont Marin & San Rafael neighbors whenever they want it. But unlike a website like Zillow, this website will also show you what’s Coming Soon in the neigbhorhood as well as some interesting information that affects homeownership in our community.

I’ve lived in Mont Marin since 2006!

Back in 2006 my wife and I were living in a condo in San Rafael. Our first child was due to be born within a few weeks and we were shopping for a single family home located near the best schools, surrounded by beauty and nature, and part of a friendly community. Thankfully, we discovered a large home for sale on Twelveoak Hill Drive… and the rest is history.

Life in Mont Marin has been wonderful. Our two children love their elementary and middle schools and our neighbors are terrific. We enjoy how close we are to trails and open space and the commute to the City is pretty good (unless there’s an accident on the 101.)

If you’re ever curious about the market value of your own home, don’t hesitate to pop your address into my automatic estimator. Unfortunately, because it’s just software, it’s not nearly as accurate as an in-person appraisal. I’m always happy to provide a free estimate if you’d like a professional opinion – feel free to contact me..